Things To Remember About Sisal Carpeting

When it comes to flooring, there are many choices available but when it comes to eco-friendly flooring sisal carpets are the first thought. The demand of these carpets is high, and that is why it is a profitable venture to invest in. There are numerous advantages of sisal that an experienced sisal yarn supplier and manufacturer can highlight.

The Origin

It is a great choice for those who want to value sustainability. The material is made from natural, renewable fibers. These fibers are harvested sustainably. The sisal plant is named for the Spanish port in the Yucatan, Mexico. It is an Agave plant. It is believed that the plant originally came from the area, it is named after. It requires semi-arid regions like South America and Africa to grow. The fibers of the plant can grow up to three feet before they are harvested and woven. Today Brazil is the largest exporter of the fiber with the produce of 125,000 tons annually.

Benefits Of Sisal Carpet

Even if we don’t consider the eco-friendliness of sisal, it is still an excellent material for carpeting. It is considered one of the most hard-wearing natural fiber, and it is stronger than the materials like jute and coir. Venturing into the carpet industry as the sisal carpet supplier and manufacturer would be a wise plan.

The density of sisal makes it, and it also resists fire and static. Since the sisal carpets are made from natural material, they are not problematic for people with asthma or allergies.

To the delight of every sisal carpet supplier and manufacturer, it can be dyed in every color, and it can be woven into any pattern. This carpet is low maintenance, and it can even be woven with wool for the softness of wool with the strength of sisal.

Downside Of Sisal Carpet

Everything has a downside, and the same goes for sisal fiber. The toughness which makes it durable also means that it is not as soft as the other carpets. There are more plush carpet options that people consider. It is perfectly comfortable for walking but not really ideal for kneeling or sitting on which makes sisal carpet a less likely choice for playrooms and bedrooms.

It stains easily as the liquid on it will make all the dust rise to the surface; therefore, any spill needs to be cleaned immediately. Being a natural fiber, it is prone to mold and mildew, and due to this, it is not suitable for the places with high humidity. It doesn’t fade easily, but if placed in high traffic area it will be matted.

Care regime

It doesn’t require an extensive maintenance care routine regular vacuuming would suffice. However, if it is not vacuumed regularly, the dirt will go deep into the weave and cause the fibers of carpet to rub against each other; as a result, the carpet will start to show the signs of wear. The dye comes out of the natural fibers quite easily so, always do a test on a small patch before applying a cleaner.