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Are you looking for the best sisal yarn supplier and manufacturer from whom you can buy high-quality material to produce different types of ropes and carpets? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Zhanjiang Chikan Kaijie Trade Company Limited is dedicated to providing the best to their potential prospects. With some of the best and qualified team members and top-notch material, they are able to produce sisal yarn that you can comfortably use to fulfil your necessities.

This sisal yarn supplier and manufacturer promises to offer excellent customer support to all their potential clients. In addition, you can also contact them to find out more about the usage of this product and how durable it is.

Apart from that, Zhanjiang Chikan Kaijie Trade Company Limited also lets you choose from a variety of options regarding the length, weight, packing of the sisal yarn. You are free to choose however you need your product made for you. You are also permitted to select the colour, twisting direction, and other specifications according to your requirements. Order today to get your customised superb quality sisal yarn today at a fantastic price.


They are made of high quality sisal fibres, even strings and strong tensile, which can be used for production of different kinds of ropes, cable wicks, buffing cloth, carpets, handicrats, herbages binding and store goods, etc.

Twisting direction: left-twisted or right-twisted (“Z” twisted or “S” twisted).

Twisting density: 55-110 twist

Shape: cylinder and ball

a.single ply: 0.20-1.00 nominal count (200-1000,/kg)
b.Two ply: 0.10-0.50 nominal count (100-500m/kg)
c.Three or four-lly.

( 0.20-1.00 is standard scale, but we also can make specific scale)

Normal Weight: 100g, 150g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, 2kgs, 5kgs

Size:  big / small
Packing:  ball / cylinder



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