Sisal Fibre

  1. Affordable EXCELLENT GRADE SISAL FIBER From CHINA AT A GOOD PRICE sisal fiber. EXCELLENT Grade White Sisal Fiber for Building High Quality sisal fiber , with long and white color, strong and pliable, good tension, wear-resisting, high friction resistance, high acid and alkali resistance and high corrosion resistance , are widely utilized for spinning, making ropes , cloth,cores for steel wire rope, polishing buff, carpet, paper pulp, building materials like gypsum board, doormat and other different kinds of products


1.Main technical parameters
Grade A  Grade B Grade C
length (cm) ≥95 ≥85 ≥70
bundle fibre strength, N/g 300m ≥880 ≥830 ≥780
impurities rate, % ≤2.5 ≤3.5 ≤5.0
moisture regain, % ≤13 ≤13 ≤13


Grade A   Grade B     Grade C  




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