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Sisal cloth is made out of high-quality sisal fabric. Usually, this product is used in the carpet industry and for polishing wheel production. Apart from that, clients are free to use this product for other purposes as well and can order a customised weight, length and even colour for their sisal cloth. As a well-known and experienced sisal cloth supplier and manufacturer, this company has maintained their level of quality.

Zhanjiang Chikan Kaijie Trade Company Limited is a leading sisal cloth and supplier manufacturer in China that is exporting their products across all borders. Their primary focus is on producing sisal and its products. Therefore, you can order their sisal cloth or other products with your eyes closed. With more than ten years of experience in this industry, they have managed to create a team of experts that are focused and professional in maintaining service and quality. A supplier, they have also helped many business owners by providing them with a customised solution within requested deadlines.

Get your sisal cloth orders made according to your demands by merely connecting with us. We assure quality and reasonable prices with a cooperative business environment aiming to build a long-term relationship.


They are made of high-quality sisal yarns, which have characteristics of wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, reslience and excellent buffing strenght. Mainly used for production of kinds of sisal buffing wheels and as packing materials of all kinds of things.


    Yarn Count Fabric width
6-11*6-11 0.4-0.7*0.4-0.7


( This is standard scale, but we also can make specific scale)


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