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If you are looking for a flooring option to make your home look beautiful, then a sisal carpet is an option you can’t ignore. Apart from giving your floor an elegant look, this type of carpet is known for being reliable and durable. The sisal fibre used to make this carpet can be easily coloured. That means you can change its colour and align it with the shade of your walls and furniture to make the room more beautiful.

A sisal carpet supplier and manufacturer tends to produce such carpets because they are high in demand for being long-lasting and stylish. A sisal carpet is also acid and corrosion resistance, giving it a longer life. Sisal carpets are considered environment-friendly and cost much less than wool carpets.

Zhanjiang Chikan Kaijie Trade Company Limited is a professional sisal carpet supplier and manufacturer that can provide you with your next flooring option. With a variety of designs and colours, and being made with natural material, you can expect quality and durability like no other product can offer. Apart from that, you can also contact their representatives to request a customised sisal carpet according to your residential or commercial requirements.


Sisal carpet is a new type of carpet, it is only recently appeared a carpet, sisal carpet USES natural sisal fiber weaves together, and this kind of natural material is more in line with the modern pursuit of pure and fresh and natural. Sisal carpet of spinning, compiling, sisal fiber is made of glue and vulcanization, and it is divided into two kinds of plain and dyeing, generally have fish bone grain, canvas tabby, twill, domino lines, such as a variety of design and color.

Sisal carpet is a kind of green environmental protection material, its price than wool carpet wants a lot of lower, and have the advantage such as resisting pressure, wear-resisting, acid-resisting alkali, without static electricity. It is also very convenient in cleaning and can be washed directly with water. At the same time sisal hemp carpet still won’t release chemical composition, can send out for a long time the pure fragrance that gives natural plant peculiar, bring happy feeling to the person. It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid resistance and long service life.


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