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What is sisal ?

Sisal is a tropical hard leaf fiber plant which belongs to Agavaceae. It likes high temperature, wet and rainy environment (16℃ -- 40℃). It need 3 years to grow up and mature. After 3 years, it can began to get the leaves and fibers. And the fiber is the base of all sisal products.

The standard of sisal leaf is 70cm-120cm. The best sisal fibers are from 120cm leaves. All products are 100 % natural, consequently biodegradable, what keep the balance of ecology. Sisal is environmental friendly and biodegradable but has a natural resistance to sunlight and weather allowing a reasonable long life in external applications.

The trait of sisal : eco-friendly, tough and tensile, high breaking strength, elastic, pliable, high temperature resistant, high corrosion resistant, water absorption, oil absorption, pb/cd absorption, wear-resisting, high friction resistance.

The use of sisal: Sisal fiber can be widely utilized for spinning yarn, making ropes , cloth,cores for steel wire rope, polishing buff, carpet, paper pulp, building materials like gypsum board, doormat and other different kinds of products.

The product of sisal: sisal fiber, sisal yarn, sisal rope, sisal cloth, sisal buff

Hot-Sale Usage:

The most popular cat climbing tree is made by high quality sisal rope.